Pokemon’s Champion! Simone Lim Best Esports player

Simone Lim Best Esports player

Simone Lim seven years old won the best esports player of all time in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Oceania International Championships.

Game Freak develops the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is a 2019 role-playing video game. Pokemon Company publishes the game for Nintendo Switch.

Best known as the primary developer of the Pokemon series, Game Freak firm is a Japenese video game developer.

The Championship

Lim was at the bottom in the Oceania International Championships, but then with the flying colours, she came out on top.

Lim is from Singapore; she was playing against a trainer who was twice her age in the Junior Championships at Melbourne. For Lim, this was her first competitive season.

Miranda-Radbord, a multi-time International Championships winner, was her challenger. But still, she won, inner motivation and belief in oneself is the key to win.

It is always said that you don’t compete to make others lose but compete to get better from your past. I follow one rule that Never compares yourself with others.


Lim and her Bravery

Lim reported that she was the best and so she proved it. She was down one Pokemon to his two. But still using her intuition, she felt that her opponent would use Protect on his Rhypherior.

Knowing this, she knocked out his Dusclops with Tyranitar’s Crunch. Then she went after Rhypherior with Superpower and won the whole thing.

A seven-year-old child using intuition to win is unbelievable. She is a legend.

Her interview after her viceroy was so pure and lovely, almost unrealistic. It was seen that she comes to the stage bravely, and she was barely reaching to the interviewee’s waist.

A small little girl with a great mind comes on the stage and starts thanking her coach, family, and friends. We barely hear words from a child in day to day life. But this girl is just a miracle.

When she was asked “what would she like to say anything else about her victory” her answer was “no”. What else will she say?

A girl with small shoes with a big heart and mind. Her victory was called “the biggest upset is ever seen in Juniors history”.


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