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Police Investigate The Local Park Where A Man Was Beaten

Viral Video of a man getting beaten

Police Investigate The Local Park Where A Man Was Beaten:Β Not so long ago,Β some women beat a man at a local park in Waco city, Texas. While the incident occurred, some spectators took videos and shared them on social media. It alerted the officials, and they immediately started conducting an investigation.

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Let us get into the details of this incident.

The Incident

As I earlier said, the officials learned about this incident via social media when spectators posted the video. In it, a few young women were kicking and hitting the young man with sticks.
In the video, three women were hitting the shirtless young man who had his pants pulled down. The women were kicking and punching the man. In the video, a woman in black top and black shorts kicked him on his neck.
We couldn’t hear what they were saying, but we could figure out that some might be curse words.

The Investigation

Although the spectators posted the video on social media, some Waco Police Department officials say that some even sent the videos to them on Thursday. On seeing the video, the investigators said:

“We have been made aware of a video that has been circulating on social media of a fight that occurred in one of the City parks. We appreciate all of the citizens of this community that came forward to make us aware of this incident.”

Source: CBS4Indy

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Unfortunately, there are no suspects as of now. However, according to Garen Bynum, the officials assigned this case to detectives in Waco PD’s Neighborhood Services Distribution.

Waco Incident: Other Details

The investigation is still happening, but the Waco PD doesn’t have a lead. However, as of now, they are trying to locate the park at which the incident occurred. Anyway, they have a strong intuition that it’s Edmond Park.

Sources say, the victim had intellectual disabilities, and those women sprayed pepper spray on him after they beat him up.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the reason for this as they haven’t caught the culprits. Regardless, let us know below what you think is the reason for this incident.

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