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“Portland” continues to suffer as street violence surge in the city


Mass protest against racism and police racism and police violence have turned into ugly street fights in Portland. It is between a section of pro-Black Lives Matter and law abiders and anti-fascist.

What is the current situation in Portland?


In the last week, the city saw a surge in political street fights. Left-wings and Anti-fascists are against far-right groups. The situation has been on and off throughout the Trump period. Recently, a rightwing “Say no to Marxism in America” saw extensive violence. The members of far-right groups protested against it in a large number. Paintball guns were fired over the crowd. People were armed with weapons such as knives, shieldsβ€”firearms, etc. Many vehicles were also destroyed due to ongoing violence. A reporter, Robert Evans, was attacked by a rightwing protester. As a result, his hand was broken. The video of the incident became viral in social media. Evans confessed that the rightwing demonstrators “absolutely came prepared to fight”, were “very aggressive from the jump” and were equipped with “knives, guns, paintball guns with frozen pellets, batons”.

The far-right protesters armed with firearms and paintball guns.

Meanwhile, the violence in Portland continues.

A scene of Portland street after a massive fight.

The city is reporting its worst violence since 2018. Anti-racism protests are spreading in the US since Donald Trump has been elected as the President. This has wreaked Portland too. The time between the years 2017-2019 saw immense violence by groups like Proud Boys. Throughout this era, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) was condemned by the media. Black Lives Matter protest is shooting up in Portland. The attention has shifted to the federal agents of the city who try to exert the Trump authority. However, the Portland Mayor’s office did not respond on last week’s violence. Still, not everyone blames PPB for the violence. A local anti-fascist who has supported the protests wrote a mail. It stated, “Police brutality and white nationalist organizing are two sides of the same coin. They should be addressed as such.”

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