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Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Not Expected Until Mid 2021, Who Says.

COVID-19 Vaccine: The World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman Margaret Harris on his last conferenceย said that the organizationย does not expect any potential vaccinationย against COVID-19 until the middle of 2021. After waiting for months this year during the pandemic. WHO declares that it’s impossible to get the potential vaccine until next year.

While Russia is releasing their vaccine, world health officials from different countries say they don’t believe this vaccine would work. The WHO doesn’t have any kind of faith in the vaccine since the human trial is expected to do on almost 1000 people. Whereas, Russia did in on only 72 people. People are very disappointed and doubtful about the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Wait for the Vaccine.

Marget Harris, stressing the importance of rigorous checks on their effectiveness and safetyย of the vaccine. He said that none of the candidate vaccines has the potential to have an impact on eradicating the pandemic. The advanced clinical trials so far have demonstratedย that not even Russia’s vaccine has the potential to fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccine

Many countries are trying to build a potential vaccine from India, China, Russia and the even USA. The US public health officials said on Thursday that they are likely to make a potential vaccine until next two months. But it doesn’t seem to work. It will only work for the elections which are in November. To decide who can be the next president of America.

Harris says that ‘a lot of people are being vaccinated throughout the world, but there’s no confirmation that the vaccine works’. Countries are making vaccines, and many vaccines have crossed two stages. So far, but phase 3 is taking more time than usual. And even if a vaccine it made it will come out for the usageย of people until May next year.
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