Pre-Orders For Realme 6 Pro Is Open: India

Realme 6 Pro

The Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer is named as Realme. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018. It is found by the previous vice president of Oppo Electronics. The owner of Realme is Sky Li.

Realme made its place in the market. The brand comes under the best smartphones in the market. Within a small period of time, it developed smartphones with better features. Recently it developed its smartphone with a 5G network.

The company is also known for its production of other products like earphones, fitness bands, and bags.

It is happy to announce that it is bringing Realme 6 Pro soon. It is going to provide us a fantastic experience in our hands. Realme is something that brings reality to us.

It is reported that recently pre-orders for Realme 6 Pro are open now in India.


Realme 6 Pro

For the people who blind order, Realme 6 are given free Realme Buds2 as a free gift. People who order the pro variant provide Rs 1000 off coupon on Realme Buds, which are wireless.

so, participate in Blind order and win a chance to bring Realme 6 Pro to home. Excitement is in the air. Is it not? Ahead of the launch of the smartphone, it is available in India for blind order on March 5.

From February 26 to March 4, one can order both smartphones through the website of Realme. You have to deposit 1000 rupees.


Competition Between Realme 6, Pro and Realme 5

Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro are definitely going to be better compared to Realme 5, which was released into the market last year in August.

The company announced that both the smartphones they were providing would be coming with FHD+ 90 Hz display, punch-hole design, 64MP quad-rear camera setup, and support for 30W fast charging.

Based on the price, there can be a variation of 15,000 rupees difference between the phones.

Flipcart already released the teaser page for Realme 6, and it is also available on the official website. Talking about the front cameras on both phones are different. The Pro will have a dual-lens in the front camera.

Both the phones have a capacity to get 40 percent charged in fifteen minutes.

Technology is developing so the features in smartphones. Now only the launch is awaited.


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