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Predator Hunting Grounds: Get Started By This Week!

Predator Hunting Grounds
The new Predator Hunting Grounds with amazing graphics and gameplay.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator is a highly developed game which adapts some main ideas from Friday the 13th. It consists of four different kinds of players ( raging human forms ). The game is wild, engaging with the obstacles while you have to win over them. There remains a fifth, the Predator Hunting Grounds, that hunts you down.

The choice is ultimately yours, whether you want to take down the Predator or escape it. To avoid combat, just be quick and complete all tasks before it gets to you. If the Predator gets you while you are completing a task or fighting the AI-controlled enemy, they change target and focus on taking over the Predator first.

Predator Hunting Grounds
The gameplay image of Predator Hunting Grounds in PS4.

The Deluxe And More

There are three types of configuration Predator can choose from. Each has a distinct combination of weapons which determines the form of hunting too.

You can download the deluxe digital version over PS4 too, which has distinct features including:

  • 48-hour Double XP
  • PlayStation-themed Predator Mask War Paint
  • Themed Fireteam Camo and Weapons Skin
  • PlayStation-themed Predator and Armor Skin
  • Early Access to Battle Hardened Assault Character
  • Early Access to Predator Eclipse Mask
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme

A female Predator option is present too! The three available classes in the Predator Hunting grounds are – the scout class, the Berserker class and the Hunter class. One important feature is that it does not let the concept of the game die, which is, the four Vs one concept.

Predator Hunting Grounds
Predator from Predator Hunting Grounds with perfect graphics.

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Predator Hunting Grounds: Release

There was a free trial available just a month ago. And the game Predator will finally be here after a long wait! Players all over are excited about it. It gives us a chance to have a try at the game online in a cross-play. The multiplayer is available for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

You have to, however, download it with the PS plus membership or if you have a PC just head over to Epic Games and download it. Voila! It launches on 24th April, which is just a day away.

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