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Premier League Kits To Have ‘No Room For Racism’ Instead Of ‘Black Lives Matter’ For 2020-21 Season!

Premier League
Source: Sky Sports

Premier League To Have ‘No Room For Racism’ Badges On Their Kits

Premier League Kits To Have ‘No Room For Racism’ Instead Of ‘Black Lives Matter’ For 2020-21 Season!: Premier League has taken a massive decision regarding voicing their support towards movement on racism. In the latest club captains’ meeting, the decision was that all clubs would have ‘No Room For Racism’ badges. As per the statement from Premier league, it said:

“At today’s Premier League club captains’ meeting, it was agreed that players and match officials will wear a ‘No Room For Racism’ sleeve badge on their shirts for the 2020/21 season.”

Premier League
Source: Sky Sports

Why Is Premier League Going Forward With ‘No Room For Racism’ Badges

During the break due to coronavirus, the killing of George Floyd happened in America. The subject of racism became prominent, and clubs wore the badge of Black Lives Matter when the season resumed. However, now the Premier League wants to take this movement forward and bring change. It said:

“This is the first time the badge will feature on players’ and officials’ kit throughout the season and will act as a constant reminder of the commitment by the Premier League, its clubs, players and PGMOL to eradicate racism.”

League To Support Players Who Will Take a Knee For Black Lives Matter

Premier League is giving all the support to its players who want to express their support towards Black Lives Matter. The league decided to support any of the players who will take a knee for Black Lives Matter. The statement further said:

“This initiative will build on the momentum created last season when, in consultation with the players, ‘Black Lives Matter’ appeared on kits for all the games following the restart. The League will also continue to support players who ‘take a knee’ at matches.”

Premier League
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Premier League To Not Tolerate Any Racism

Premier League will not be tolerating any racism this season. They are going ahead with a zero-tolerance policy. Moreover, the league said:

“Discrimination in any form, anywhere, is wholly unacceptable and No Room For Racism makes our zero-tolerance stance clear.”

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