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Presidential Poll: Joe Biden takes Lead Over Trump During Presidential Poll! Details Here

Joe Biden on the right and Donald Trump on the left
Source: Yahoo News India

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Joe Biden Takes Lead Over Trump In Presidential Poll!: The Presidential Election of 2020 is one of the most talked topics in the past year. As of now, Donald Trump (Republican Party) is the 45th President of the United States of America.

The Presidential election is on November 3rd- the election day. Last year, President Trump was against Hilary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Whereas, this year, we will be seeing President Trump against former Vice-President of the USA, Mr Joe Biden (Democratic Party).

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Now that the Election day is nearing, both the parties are busy with their campaigns. During the recent presidential poll, Mr Biden was leading Mr Trump.

Let us dive into the details of how Mr Biden ruled over President Trump.

Mr Biden Takes A Lead Over President Trump During Presidential Poll

Mr Joe Biden has taken a leap over President Trump in the race of Presidential Elections of 2020. Mr Biden has the support of women, black voters and former Republican workers that have shifted away from Mr Trump.

Joe Biden leads with 14% over Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

Mr Biden is leading with 14% point over Mr Trump; earning 50% of the vote compared to Mr Trump’s 36%.Β The Presidential poll is proving us that President Trump is the underdog here. It is also a sign of how Mr Trump’s Presidency has been for the last four years.

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Mr Trump has been one of the most unpopular and controversial President since his early days in the office. He has made some efforts to connect with the audiences, but clearly, he hasn’t succeeded.

Let’s see why he is on the verge of losing the presidential poll.

Reasons Behind President Trump Being The Underdog For His Second Term-

We are well aware of Mr Trump’s reputation and the state of the USA since the start of his Presidency. Throughout these four years, we’ve seen Mr Trump being a racist, sexist and insulting the LGBTQIA + community i-e a homophobic.

But this year, after the death of George Floyd, Mr Trump’s actions and statements cost him that 14 % votes. Naturally, Mr Trump is a racist, which is why he sent the military to stop people from protesting in favour of George Floyd’s heinous murder.

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Later, despite the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, Mr Trump decided to have a rally to promote himself for the presidential elections. The fact that Mr Trump has neglected the global pandemic for his campaign says a lot about his Presidency.

Naturally, people are angry at Mr Trump for being a racist as well as neglecting the life threat just for his benefit. All of this has resulted in the Americans to choose Mr Joe Biden over President Trump for the Elections 2020.

Let us know if you have any updates over the presidential poll.



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