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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make a Hollywood deputy Check Latest Update

Ever this Megxit happened earlier this year. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been rushing from one network house to another. The two are trying their best to get a foothold in Hollywood.

According to the recent reports by Variety, the couple is in a full plan to take a step forward to achieve this goal. According to sources via Variety, Β the couple has been searching for ideas to take one step forward in the Hollywood career. The couple has been in a talk with many multiple expensive agencies. To get can help them achieve their goal.

According to variety, It is not certain yet if the pitch is supposed to be for a scripted or unscripted. American TV series or maybe a movie or something else entirely. Whatever it is, the couple would now like to serve as joint producers on the project. According Β to a source with knowledge of the top-secret idea. They have recently met the top producers and filmmakers as well, looks like something is coming together soon. Fans are really excited for their new work together.

Meghan Markle’s acting career

If you don’t know, Meghan Markle had a great ongoing career in acting already. She is the girl from the famous American TV series β€˜suits’. According to a close source of Markle, she had given up her acting career for her royal princess-like life and didn’t wanted to act ever.

Later in January 2019, Prince Harry announced that he was partnering with Oprah Winfrey on an Apple TV+ about mental health. And later thatΒ week, he made a surprise appearance in Netflix’s trailer. The documentary Rising Phoenix, which launches later this month. It will tell the story of the Paralympic Games.

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According to the sources the couple now wants to keep their royal life aside and want to work in movies. This year fans also enjoyed Harry’s new book β€˜ Finding freedom’ which talks about the couples life stories.

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