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Prince William Is Desperately Trying Reconnect With Prince Harry!

Prince Willia And Prince Harry in the frme
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The Royal Feud

Prince William Is Desperately Trying Reconnect With Prince Harry!:Β We are aware that The British Royal Family is not only about status and sophistication. Similar to every family, The British Royal Family has their secrets and even brotherly feud.

It has been over a half-century since Queen Elizabeth II picked up the crown and ruled England. Other than Queen Elizabeth’s II nearly immortal reign, the royal rules are one of the most debatable topics for over two decades.

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We all know that when there is a ruler, feuds are bound to happen. Similarly, Prince William and Prince Harry, sons of Charles and Late Princess Diana, are having some tiffs for over two years now.

The question is, what happened between them? To know that, Let us get into the details of Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud.

Prince William Is Desperately Trying To Reconnect With Prince Harry

In June 2019, Prince Harry and Megan, Duchess of Sussex announced, that they are retiring from the royal duties. This statement shook everyone in the world.

There were several rumours about Megan Markle forcing Prince Harry to step down. But, via the advisor, the Duke and Duchess revealed that they want a different future for their newborn Archie Mountbatten Windsor, away from the royal politics.

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This news hurt Prince William and the differences grew. Soon, Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles with Megan Markle and their son, Archie. However, Charles told Prince William that he needs to work on his relationship with his brother and, that’s when Prince William realised.

However, this Coronavirus Pandemic has made everyone reevaluate their relationships and made everyone realise that family comes first.

Via a source, we know that Prince William and Prince Harry are reconnecting through Private Zoom calls. This lockdown has made the Royal Family reconnect within themselves.


All’s Not Well In The Paradise

It is no secret that Prince William and Prince Harry’s Royal Rift began after Prince Harry tied the knot with former American Actress Megan Markle.

Megan and Harry’s relationship made the headlines daily, and when the duo decided to get married, we could tell that the Royal Family could not welcome the American actress.

Source: Bravo TV

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In November 2018, Prince Harry reportedly called out Prince William over his inability to accept and involve Megan in the family. Since then, we’ve seen Megan and Kate’s tiffs over modernizing too. But, this all summed up towards Prince William and Prince Harry’s broken relationship.

But, now, we are sure that Prince William will take the initiative to mend things with his brother! We hope to see the duo back together!




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