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Privacy Issue Raised While Using NHS And KCL COVID-19 Apps


A lot of misinformation is lurking around the media about Coronavirus. A few good people continue to believe only in logical reasoning provided by trusted doctors, and some people are claiming to know home remedies. This is why we have the NHS And KCL COVID-19 Apps.


Since the beginning of the year, a few countries have been suffering from the deadly virus. Therefore, the government put in some modern solutions. The NHS had developed an app which will allow us to input our symptoms and let us know when to visit a doctor.

A similar app was made by King’s College London. The primary job of these apps is to track the people who are infected and inform the people living in the area about it. We will know the red zones and green zones. Most importantly, these apps tell us the probability of us to catch the virus.

The new application of NHS And KCL to track corona patients.

The app was previously available in the UK only, and it has not expanded to the US too.

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NHS And KCL COVID-19 Apps: Privacy Concern

With the rise in the number of cases, the downloads of these apps have increased ten folds. WhatsApp forwards and many Facebook posts have acted as a catalyst to popularise the app.

Though the app proves to be helpful to people who are keen on social distancing, some might find the idea a bit intrusive. The information that people share is most probably not under the same privacy policies as GDPR. Hence, all the data is shared among various institutions like KCL, Harvard, NHS, etc.

They have informed us that they access such data only for scientific research and storage of charts.

List of other corona tracking applications.

Other Apps With Coronavirus Information

Countries and Organisations are making an effort into developing websites, apps, programmes to educate the masses about the virus. People know the lesser misinformation, less will be the reported cases.

Open Access databases are on their way for public use. This will help them map the area infected the most. World Health Organisation is also making way to develop applications for similar reasons.

While the government and some friendly people who care about us are trying their hardest to save us, we must abide by the law. Stay home and stay safe. Keep using the apps to be informed 24/7.

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