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Protesters Attacking White Man Is Not True!

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BLM Protesters Attacking A White Man Claim Is False

Protesters Attacking White Man Is Not True!: Social media users are sharing an image alleging that members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter savagely beat a group of Catholics. They were praying the rosary under the statue of King Louis IX during a recent demonstration in St. Louis, Missouri. This assertion is false and includes some inaccuracies.

An article about the Facebook meme on Sept. 17 says the attack occurred during a demonstration against Black Lives Matter.

“Here you see a peaceful Black lives matter protesters beating up a 72 yr. old white man. Please make this go viral!!! F****ng disgusting,” the meme states.Β USA TODAY reached out to the user for comment.

On June 27, a crowd gathered in the Forest Park of the city to call for the removal of the statue of King Louis IX of France. Formally named the “Apotheosis of St. Louis.” Demonstrators claimed the figure was racist while defenders of the monument said it was a religious symbol and should stay in place.

The demonstration lasted nearly three hours and was mostly peaceful until according to local reports. Some clashes broke out towards the end.

One of these events was captured on social media in the picture used in the lawsuit. It shows a protester wearing a blue bandana in a bright green shirt seeming to aim for a punch against another guy. The photo was taken for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Robert Cohen.

Misleading Claim & It is Party False

There was no sign that the man in the green shirt was part of the Catholic contingent, a Reuters photographer at the scene said. The man emerged and confronted demonstrators at the end of the rally. It is misleading that the argument means he was a happy Catholic “holding hands and praying the rosary.”

Partly untrue. The image shows a man being assaulted in St Louis during a rally. But he was not part of a group of Catholics praying peacefully for Louis IX.

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