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PS 5, Price, Launch Date, Games And Rumors: A Confirmation By Sony PlayStation 5!

PS 5, Price, Launch Date, Games And Rumors
PS5 design revealed

PS 5

PS5 Fans are incredibly excited for the release of The PlayStation 5. However, according to the official info, it will be made available to the public by this December. In the meanwhile, Sony is trying to lessen the wait.

It is providing us with many secrets regarding the next-generation console. At first, it revealed the main specs and features which followed the release of Dual Sense. DualSense is the newly designed controller that modifies the previous ones. So, let us dive into further details about the PS 5.


Coming to the price, one cannot expect how it will be. However, there is no official confirmation regarding the price, from Sony yet. But there are talks that it may not be quite as affordable.

We all know that PS 4 launched with a price tag of $399. So, there are predictions that PS 5 may come up at $499. The reason behind its higher cost is that it comes up with expensive DRAM and flash memory. A few expect the price will be convincing the gamers. However, we need to wait for Sony’s decision.

Launch Date

Now, everyone is mainly concerned about the release date of the PlayStation 5. However, Sony confirms that it is going to release in the “holiday 2020”.

On the contrary, there are rumours of having a potential launch event. On the other side, there are chances for the launch of Xbox Series X.

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What Could Be The Compatible Games?

PS 5, Price, Launch Date, Games And Rumors
PS 5, Price, Launch Date, Games And Rumors

Both the PS 4 and PS 5 have similar internal structures. So, the games that are earlier compatible with the fourth version can be played in the fifth too. However, there are a few confirmed games of the PlayStation 5.

Some of them include People Can Fly’s third-person shooter Outriders and Counterplay Games’ looter slasher game Godfall as well. Cerny notes at launch that the top 100 games played on PS 4 will also be supported by PS 5.

Backward Compatibility

Cerny also exclaims that backward compatibility will be approached in the PS5 internally. The approach helps to put the previous console’s chipset into the new console.

SIE president Jim Ryan also confirms that backwards compatibility and cross-gen are essential for the PS5 to help players have a smooth transition.



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