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PS 5 Vs Xbox X Contest Could Be Decided By The Price Factor!

PS 5 Vs Xbox X
PS 5 Vs Xbox X

Earlier it was starting to look there was going to be a bonafide price war between Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.Β According toΒ Bloomberg, SonyΒ itself was struggling with the price due to some costly parts. Hence they had decided to wait untilΒ MicrosoftΒ reveals Xbox X price to be revealed before they set their own price tag.

In fact, both the companies are set two reveal the next-gen console by the end of the year. Sony will be releasing the Playstation 5Β in October 2020 whereas the Xbox XΒ will be releasing in November 2020.

Gamers are gearing up to get their hands on the upcoming consoles. When it comes to features, both the consoles are at par with each other with very little to differentiate between the two. But it looks as if the pricing could be the main factor that can settle this once and for all. Let us see how.

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Price Can Settle The Playstation 5 Vs Xbox X Contest

Both next-gen consoles are set to arrive holiday 2020. According toΒ Bloomberg,Β PS5 could be priced at $500. There is a chance that Xbox might set the same price tag as well. According to a recent Twitter survey, 50,000 participants have stated that pricing is the most crucial factor while choosing a console.

The folks that participated in the survey said that beyond stuff like better graphics and exclusive games, pricing still remains a crucial factor. And in the last few generations of consoles, affordable means $400 or less. The idea of Sony struggling and waiting for Microsoft to make the move made things interesting as both tech giants know the importance of pricing. Apparently, Microsoft screwed that up with this generation and are still paying for it. Sony did the same thing when the price Playstation 3 at $600 and almost killed the brand.

In this, Sony lost a lot of ground toΒ Nintendo and MicrosoftΒ and had to pay the price. But the Japanese electronics giant learned from its failures and bolstered all the areas where they lacked.

It is clear that consumers are looking forward to what prices Microsoft and Sony set for their upcoming consoles.


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