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PS5 Design Makes PlayStation’s Future!


A New Blend

The players are going crazy in social distancing time while they expect more releases of games. In the midst of this, PS5 shows off its spectacular blend of Β PS4 Β Dualsense controller!

The creator, Jermaine, has made a design similar to that of the PS4 with three layers together. With a twist, there is a gap in the centre which takes in the disc. Be careful to see the logo so that you don’t harm the drive while placing it incorrectly.

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PS5: The Features

The very first thing we need to mention is, gone are those PS4 days of DualShock controllers. The DualSense combination with the two themed colours is in. It makes it look so much better and is quite neat too.

The stunning design of the new PS5 releasing soon.

There are colours available, obviously, unlike the original grey PlayStation. The entirely black and entirely white ones are quite famous as it adds to our aesthetic.

Moreover, a large number of the titles are playable in PS5 too! For high resolution and a stable frame rate, the compatible tiles will be running over an increased frequency speed. Numerous claims were tested all individually.

PS5: Popularly ReviewedΒ 

Despite being so attractive and promising, there have been some reviews and comments made on this. The sandwich design with the two V shapes, obviously means it’s symmetric. Could that be the reason some of us insert the discs wrong and damage it?

The new dual sense controller of the futuristic PS5.

Also, we need to be exact about how much power can be consumed by the device. Sony is known for some good quality lights, and all of them going off can mean the obvious. However, there’s a maximum possibility for the device to NOT look like the dev kit.

A lot of the PC gamers are leaving it behind just for the new PS5. They haven’t released a game since 2017, do you think something could be brimming? The social media platforms are split on the appearance of the console, though. Some say it’s ugly, but some love the concept. What do you think about it?

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