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PS5 DualSense And Its Intriguing Design 

Playstation 5

The New Wireless Controller

Let us finally talk about something interesting.

We all love to play games. And of course, when it comes to playing games, we always pick PlayStation. For all the PlayStation fans and gamers, developers have completed the final design of the new PlayStation 5. Amazing and unique features will be installed in the PlayStation 5. 

PlayStation wants gamers to be dropped into a new world of gaming as soon as they open the surprising box.

They have also launched the all-new DualSense wireless controller. In this article today we will be intensively talking about DualSense wireless controller.  It is the most-awaited and amazing Intriguing Design. Playstation guarantees to deliver a next-level feeling of enthusiasm to all its players. Next-generation 3D Audio Tech will be added to PS5. A lot of gamers provided quality feedback to PlayStation after its first launch. PlayStation will introduce a lot of amazing and surprising features in their next product. 

Playstation 5

How To Build This Success

DualShock 4 was PlayStation’s first-ever console release. It received a huge amount of success and gamer’s praises. It will be the basis of designing the new controller. After an amazing response and feedback from the gamers, PlayStation decided to design it accordingly. According to the feedback, they improvised the following few features. Let us talk about the all-new controller’s feature.

  1. Slow gripping while driving a car in mud
  2. Improvisation of adaptive triggers in the buttons L2 and R2
  3. This increased the tension of the actions towards the gamers
  4. Adding new buttons, without increasing its weight and size
  5. Precise placements of triggers and actuators
  6. A challenge to reduce the size of the controller
  7. Change of angles in the hand triggers
  8. Increasing battery life with rechargeable batteries
  9. Plan to remove the ‘Share’ button
  10. Plan to add the ‘Create’ button
  11. A built-in microphone for rapid and easy quick communications
  12. A two-toned designed color system
  13. Change in the position of the light bar

PlayStation 5 Final Design

Playstation 5

Undoubtedly, the above features are mindblowing, surprising and amazing. PlayStation leaves no stone unturned for the gamers to enjoy their new console. Based on various concepts, they went through several renovations in the designing of their new console. 

After a lot of testings, the final decision was made DualSense has been tested for different hand sizes, to achieve the best comfortable design possible. PlayStation wants gamers to be dropped into a new world of gaming as soon as they open the surprising box. The controller would be an extension of their own body. 

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