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PS5 New Features Are Revealed By The Sources. Check Out!

PS5 New Features Are Revealed By The Sources. Check Out!
Source: Wccftech

PS5 Will Have Some Tempting Updates

While Sony hasn’t released the details of much-awaited video game console PS5, we have more sources to extract the information.

The adventurous coding enthusiasts have pulled out some information from the code revealed on the web-based version of the PlayStation Store. So, let us find out these tempting updates in the next-gen console!

What We Know Till Now?

These are the information that we have got:

  • Wishlists – Yes! You’ve heard it right! Wishlist is finally in the console now as one of the code states that when your wishlist is not there on this website, then you can get it on PS5.

  • One hundred people in the parties – Unlike PS4, where only 16 people could join, this is a big step ahead.

  • You can share videos and play songs together on PlayStation5.

  • “Takedown” is also a new feature about which we still have no idea.

PS5 Might Not Support A Few Games From PS4

With all these advances, it also seems like the new PS5 won’t support a few games from PS4.

Among all these impressive updates, we can also see a page on the page on the official site of the Play Station, which gives us detail about backwards compatibility.

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