Psychonauts 2, Release Date, News, GamePlay

Psychonauts 2, Release Date, News, GamePlay


Psychonauts was originally released in 2005 and Psychonauts 2 is the sequel to it, planning to be released in 2020. It is a 3D platform written by Monkey Island and Portal

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Psychonauts 2 is developed by Double Fine Productions which is owned by Microsoft. It is the world where dreams can come true, and people use real psychic powers against the villains. It will be like a puzzle-solving or a Treasure game.

The art and design look imaginative and unpredictable

Psychonauts 2 was planned to be released in 2019, but the developer Double Fine declared that they would need some more time to make the game as good as possible. So, Psychonauts 2 will be released in 2020, and its announcement was made at the 2015 Game Awards

Psychonauts 2 will be released on PS 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows; Linux and Macintosh Operating System

Double Fine gathered fund to develop the Psychonauts 2 through US$3 million and around 4 million US dollars by the start of 2016


The lead role is Razputin Β Aquato who dreamt of joining International Psychic Espionage Organisation -the Psychonauts, and later he achieved it. But he came to know about the activities of the organisation that it practices necromancy and completely against the moral.

In order to bring the peace back, the player is the third person platformer who controls Raz and uses the psychic abilities to get into other people’s mind.

The recreation will start after Raz having assisted Saha Nein and Milla Vodello in rescuing Truman Zanotto-the head Psychonaut. Rax explores what the term β€œ Lady friend” Β manner

The psi powers like telekinesis, pyrokinesis and levitation are used in the gameplayΒ  including jumping

The gameplay consists of numerous wacky humour, bright visuals and unique characters

Tim Schafer, director of the Psychonauts series, said that β€œ a number of the thoughts brought in Psychonauts, inclusive of Raz’s family, their history, and the curse that maintains to have an effect on them would be further explored inside the sequel.”

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