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PUBG: Crazy Fantasy-Themed Game Mode As Part Of April Fool’s Day Special

PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed: PUBG, simply known as the Player Unknown Battlegrounds, is one of the most famous games for millennials. It’s tagline ‘Winner Winner chicken dinner’ also gets viral. Undoubtedly PUBG has made a huge impact and reached a massive audience in a very short span of time. on this 1st April PUBG announces crazy fantasy-themed game mode as part of April fool’s day special.

PUBG, developed by Tencent Gaming was released on 30th July 2016 but it became popular in 2017.Β  It is a common sight these days to see a lot of youngsters playing this game. The audience is varied. Youngsters from both metro cities and villages entrust their enjoyment of PUBG.Β Students, office going people, a shopkeeper on their shop counters can be seen involved largely. It has grown such a fan base that students can be found playing during class breaks, office going young mass during their lunch hours and people during their home spent vacations. Updates are given below:-

PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed

PUBG Official Announcement (PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed)

Since a long time, we’ve been seeing April Fool is a long celebrated event in the gaming world. As PUBG said this time whole world is lockdown due to coronavirus. Many games come with April fool day activity. This year PUBG also brings a new theme to celebrate this. Some new dresses, weapon skins, background theme, Bags and many more. With this PUBG also launched a new Fantasy Battle Royale Mode. It is a limited-time event. This is an optional battle.

PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode (PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed)

Fantasy Battle Royale mode comes with a play in Erangle map. Maximum players allowed in a match is 80, maximum of 20 squads. Fantasy Battles did not provide experience points but battle points are earned. This feature does not support solo or duo playing. Hence if you want to play you have to join a squad. Players are supposed to complete exclusive missions to earn special rewards.

PUBG Crazy Fantasy Themed

There are some characters comes in this feature like Barbarians & Wizards. Players have to put these characters. This Fantasy Battle Royale Mode is available in-game form 1 April to 7 April. So get ready for this new PUBG crazy fantasy themed battle.

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