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PUBG Mobile Can Now Be Played On A PC Using An Emulator-Installation Guide!

PUBG Mobile is now for PC. Enjoy the PUBG Emulator now.

PUBG Mobile

After taking the world by storm, Player Unknown’s Battleground, also known as PUBG, the online multiplayer battle game quickly rose to the likes of Fortnite. PUBG, developed and published by PUBG Corporation, was released exclusively for mobile. The game was free to play for everyone at any time during the day. Since it was released in 2018, PUBG has become the most played mobile game.

The users voted it as the most popular game on Google Play Store, with over 100M+ downloads. Not many people find it easy to play and simultaneously enjoy the game on a small screen. But with a PC, it becomes comparatively less challenging to play the game with more healthy controls and a much larger screen.

Now it has been learned that Tencent Games, one of the developers of the game, has released an emulator. This emulator will enable users to play the game on PC as well. The emulator, named ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy‘Β  has now been rebranded to support more mobile games such as Call Of Duty: Mobile. The gaming emulator has got support from PUBG Mobile, which officially makes it an emulator for users to play. PUBG

The best graphics of PUBG Emulator on PC is visible through this image.

About The Emulator

The emulator comes along with several additional benefits to the users offering a frame rate of 60fps. Depending upon the system display, it also gives users the choice of switching their display resolutions between HD, Full HD as well as Ultra HD. The controls for the emulator are similar to every other PC action or shooter game created. Mouse button to shoot, the pointer to rotate. The full-screen option provides players with additional room to further enhance their experience.

Users can download the official emulator fromΒ https://gameloop.fun/game/fps/pubg-mobile-for-pc/index.html. The installation package is not more than 9 MB, and thus it won’t take much time for it to finish downloading. As the PC version of the Android game is still in its Beta stage, the users will experience some lag during their gameplay. But the developers have made the cross-play between PC and Mobile available to the users.

The image from the gameplay of PUBG Emulator.

How To Install?

  • You can download the emulator fromΒ  https://gameloop.fun/game/fps/pubg-mobile-for-pc/index.html
  • Select the Version (Language) in which you wish to download the emulator.
  • After selection, click on the Download option just below it.
  • The download will start automatically after clicking
  • Once they download the complete, open the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions given in the setup to install the setup
  • After completion of the installation, open the emulator
  • Search of PUBG Mobile in the search bar and then click on the Download button
  • The download will then begin, and you will be able to enjoy the game once the download is complete.

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