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Queen Sono: Season 2 And Will There Be More

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Queen Sono is a very underrated show in the thriller genre. With a 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes yet an IMDb score of 5.9/10. Both the audience and the critics loved the first season. The streaming service is Netflix.

About Queen Sono

Queen Sono


The first season of Queen Sono was released in 2020. Queen Sono is one of its kind because it is the first South African Crime Series. Kagiso Lediga creates it. It is a story about a highly trained South African spy that takes on her most dangerous mission, yet while facing changing relationships in her personal life. This next season is going to deal with the main protagonist getting more power due to the state of emergency being declared by the president.

Will There Be More?

Netflix gave its confirmation for season 2 of the Sono Queen two months after its initial release. The production of the new season was positively affected by the pandemic. The available time for the renewal or cancellation decisions by Netflix ranges from three to six weeks after the premiere of the season.

The second season was supposed to resolve several cliffhangers and the story arcs which were left unfinished from the initial season including the Queen’s quest for truth and revenge.

Queen Sono
A still from the show.

The End?

But according to recent reports, the show will not be returning for season 2 despite its initial renewal according to new information.

South African outlet News24 reports that due to β€œcurrent trying times”.Netflix said, β€œWe’ve made the difficult decision not to move forward with season 2 of Queen Sono”. Netflix also said that they were proud of what they achieved with the first season. The first season filmed across multiple countries including South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Queen Sono, despite its short run, will have a significant impact on future shows like it.

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