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R Kelly gets assaulted by a inmates in jail! Assumed Reason of the Assault

R Kelly facing the charges of child abuse attacked by jail mates
R Kelly facing the charges of child abuse attacked by jail mates

R Kelly charges against him, denied bail.

KellyΒ was first locked up for two days in February 2019 after he was charged with allegedly sexually abusing four girls, three of whom were minors at the time.

Later that summer, he was re-arrested and accused of 18 federal charges. He has been denied bail on several occasions.

The attack on R Kelly by inmates

R Kelly
R Kelly to undergo trial for child abuse case attacked by inmate’s in jail

The R&B singer, currently in jail for the awaiting trial under the allegations of child abuse charges, reported having been attacked by inmates.

The incident recently went down inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, where Kelly was sitting on his bed when another inmate walked in his cell and started punching him.

The assault didn’t last long though the sources of the assault getting stopped by other inmate or the guards are unclear. They were later examined by a doctor, who assured that the singer had not suffered any serious injuries or broken bones.

Assumed Reason of the assault

The alleged inmate informed that he had assaulted Kelly because he’s been on lockdown at the institution for a couple of times, and he was tired of being locked down. He even apologized to Kelly.

R Kelly protesters have caused the facility to shut down multiple times due to the fans protest outside.

Mr. Greenberg, the lawyer of Kelly, said that he felt that every time there is a pro-R Kelly protest outside of the jail, they lock down the entire facility. He had even filed for bail due to the corona pandemic situation, but yet the court has denied bail to Kenny.

He has been denied bail three times, with the judge in Brooklyn saying there is a “strong possibility of witness tampering.” The star’s lawyer has filed for bail in case of star’s safety.


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