Rachael Brosnahan From ’The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ Gets To Keep All The Fabulous Costumes That She Wears In The Show?

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has been one of the biggest hits this year, fans can’t stop obsessing over the show. More than that Rachael Brosnahan who is playing the lead role in the show as Midge has an extremely great sense of style in the show. One of the most asked questions about her is that if she can keep all the amazing clothes, shoes, accessories she is given to wear in the show for herself. If yes, then we are sure every girl would want to be the next Midge. Check out everything you need to know about it.


According to the report, the lead actress Midge gets tons of clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, makeup and everything. Which she can probably keep up for herself. In a recent interview of hers, she claims that has the permission to take whatever she wants. However, she doesn’t like taking amazing customers after wearing it in the show. Midge states that she doesn’t take home any of the clothing items.

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She further says that she leaves the decision on the costume department because all the items belong to them. However, she further recalls that she once took a coat from the season 1 home. And that is probably the only item she has taken home. However, she accepts that she can take ad many items she likes but with her own will she doesn’t take accept for the one that from season one which is very close to her heart.

Midge’s Gorgeous Gowns

She was then asked what she feels about all the amazing dresses and gowns. To which she responded that every single piece of clothing is so fabulous may it be a corset, a skirt, a hat, or a gown, that it does much work to just wear that gorgeous gown and look good in them. Rachael then mentions that it’s just not worth taking all these beautiful gowns away. And hence she doesn’t take it. However, she enjoying wearing them more than anything.


Racheal also talks about herself and compare with her charter in the show. Rachael explains that midge is a very beautiful woman who wears these gorgeous clothes all the time and manages to look perfect no matter what. But on the other hand, she is quite the opposite. She says that is is just like this pointing out at her simple green shirt and white pants. Confirming that she is not someone who would wear so much and try to look perfect all the time. She would rather go with comfort.


Amazon Prime has streamed 3 seasons of the show until now. And all the 3 seasons have got immense fame and love from people all around the world. And fans can’t wait for the fourth season to stream soon. The things that excite fans the most at the moment is if Midge will get back with her former husband and what she will wear in the 4th season. Midge gives us some fashion inspiration that helps for sure. Can you also not resist waiting for the next season to stream.


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