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Racism: A White Michigan Couple Pulled Up A Gun On A Black Family

Michigan woman pulls out a gun on black family
Source: KTLA

Systematic Racism

Racism: A White Michigan Couple Pulled Up A Gun On A Black Family:Β The systematic racism in the United States of America isΒ an age-old stigma in favour of the ‘whites’.

Seeing that systematic racism exists in the USA for over two centuries, we’ve seen people contributing to eradicate it. But, several attempts have resulted in nothing but a failure for the ‘woke’ citizens of the USA.

However, George Floyd’s murder infuriated the netizens and, despite the dangers inflicted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, people came out on the streets to demand justice for Floyd’s brutal murder.

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But, vainly, some people still believe that America is the land of ‘whites’. A couple got arrested in Michigan for pulling a gun on a black family. The black family recorded videos of the attack, and, it is disgusting.

Racism In Michigan

Recently, a white couple in Michigan got arrested for pointing a gun at a black mother and her two daughters. The couple identifies as Jillian Wuestenberg, 32 and Eric Wuestenberg, 42.
Jillian Wuestenberg
The duo attacked the family in a restaurant’s parking lot. The couple got charged with felony attempt. Michael Bouchard the Oakland County Sheriff held a press conference regarding this issue.
In the video, we see Jillian Wuestenberg pointing a gun at a black woman screaming her to get back. The video got nearly 13 million views and has made the headlines. We are unclear as to what instigated the feud at the Chipotle in Orion Township. You can check the video here!

Will America Be Equal?

BLM Movement
Source: World Economic Forum

Systematic racism is an issue in the USA, and despite the protests, some people will never feel the need to educate themselves.Β We live in the 20th century, but, the blacks still feel threatened by the whites.

White privilege is a problem in the United States of America. Regardless of the protests, blacks like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others lost their lives.

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The white supremacy has tarnished our lives with false acquisitions against the blacks, and, we need to understand the difference between good and bad.

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