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Rapper C-Murder Monica And Kim Kardashian: After Ex Monica, Kim is helping Rapper C-Murder To Get Justice.

Rapper C-Murder Monica And Kim Kardashian: In 2002, a 16-year-old named Steven Thomas was shot and killed to death in a nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana. Nine years later, rapper C-Murder and his brother, was sentenced of the slaying and Since that time, C-Murder has been serving out his sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He us behind bars for almost a decade now and fans feel he should now get justice.

According to the reports his ex-girlfriend, Monica is trying to help him to get out of the jail. She believes that he is not the one who killed the 16-year-old so he should be the one behind bars. She wants Β C-Murder to get justice and free from a life sentenced.

After a while of her publically supporting her ex, Kim Kardashian has also teamed up with Monica. Kim is trying her best to get C Murder justice. Fans support them too.

Kim Kardashian gets involved.

What’s better than Kardashians getting involved?. On Sunday Kim Kardashian announced that she is going to put her resources to help the famous rapper get out of the prison. The rapper, AKA C murderer has been in jail for the past decade.

Rapper C-Murder
Rapper C-Murder

Kim says true justice means arresting the actual killer, the person who has done a crime. C-Murder was accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old at a Louisiana club when he did not. She future says it’s time to get him out of jail or have him retried at the very least. Many celebrities have come forward to help the rapper get justice, especially Kim Kardashian and people are appreciating her for that.

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Currently, C-Murder is serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State PenitentiaryΒ and fans, and all are expecting him to be released soon. What do you think? Should C-murder get justice?

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