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Read One Piece 979 Is Cancelled Or Postponed? Check Out The Details!

Image from the Anime show "One Piece"

One Piece: The Manga

One piece is here since the 90s. Eiichiro Ora was the person to create the series of this manga, and now as of 2020, we have almost 96 volumes. One piece is famous, has always been, hence all the adaptations.

It is adapted into anime series and even some legendary movies. The first movie which was animated based on this manga was from Production IG. Even video games are available over the internet related to One Piece.One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date Delay, Spoilers, Recap ...

Then came the series from Toei Animation, and this started airing in Japan even before 2000. I wonder how it managed to stick around this long. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that the English version began to air in America and slowly all over.

The story basically concerns Monkey D. Luffy. Him, along with his crew, begin the search for a treasure. Why? Because once he finds this treasure, namely One Piece, he can become the King of the Pirates.

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One Piece 979 Plot And Details

‘Introducing the Toby Roppo’ came around this Sunday. Let’s dive into the next chapter without any delay.

The main highlight for One Piece 979 is the conversation of Kaido and Toby Roppo. Toby was the main attention in the previous chapter too (almost). Apart from this, the rebel army is making a huge amount of effort for the sake of blending into the part.One Piece Chapter 979 New Release Date, Coronavirus Delay ...

Chances are, Kaido will ask Toby to do something for him. He needs to build his image in front of Big Mom because they recently formed an alliance. Can Tony help in this situation? Only time can tell.

When Will It Release?

Well, to be exact I think this month is a really good time for the next part to be here. Probably May 10th, because of the pattern it follows while the release happens each time.

There is a one week gap in between these two releases (978 and 979). This is because of the special Golden Week in Japan.One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap ...

You can read the manga in a lot of places, like shonen jump (online or the app itself). The episodes are widely available but if you like some free anime, visit kissanime. It’s my personal favourite!

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