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Realme Update : Realme X50 PRO 5G, Specification And All You Want To Know

X50 PRO 5G

Realme X50 PRO 5G

Hey! there realme users

So here are the shots of hottest news for you guys! You will be deemed to be excited to know the fact that ” realme X50 Pro 5G key features video is up. It was unveiled today, and it features several performances and faster charging as compared to it, it even presents a new screen, with hand-driven connectivity.

As you all know in today’s world of advertisements, where large no of choices have been given to the users, it somewhere makes difficult for the sellers to make themselves stay in the market, because here the madness lies in the beauty of inventions, and if you are not re-inventing or upgrading anything, it means that you are somewhere lost in this global era, and it will be way tricky for you to survive.


X50 PRO 5G

so here compared to the Realme X50 5G, you will be getting a much more powerful chipset, plus the faster storage. the S766G’s GPU could never make full use of the 120 Hz refresh rate of the X50, the pro model switches from that LCD panel to a Super AMOLED with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The battery capacity is the same as on the non-Pro model. just for e.g., going from 0-100% takes just over a half-hour. talking about the highlights of these phones so they areas-

  • the X50 is based on the Snapdragon 865Β  5G mobile platform.
  • it supports 65W super dart fast charging.
  • it features a dual hole-punch camera system in the display.

There have been numerous coming out from the couches, about the worth of the 5G phones in India, now all we can do is to wait for its launch, as it was just a short overview about the phone, the real transparency, and the reliability can only be brought through the real launch.

According to the views of some users, some are dissatisfied with it, because some of the features are still not available like waterproof and other, so let’s see whether it goes according to the demands of the people or against it.

So wait for it, and make yourself feel like kings because across the globe ‘consumer is the king’. And stay tuned for other updates likely.

About Pricing:

X50 PRO 5G

The Realme x50 Pro, base 6GB/128GB Will Sell In India 37999 INR/39999 INR

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