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Reasons You Like To Watch 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why
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13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series that covers the story of protagonist Hannah Baker who kills herself and leaves 13 tapes revealing the reason behind her suicide. The show became an instant hit when it premiered in 2017, and a second season followed due to the success of the first one. The second season could not meet the expectations of the people and got neutral reviews from critics. Even then, the show got a third season. A fourth and last season of the show will premiere in June 2020. People still carry the craze from season 1 and are looking forward to the final season.

13 Reasons Why
Source: Pinkvilla

13 Reasons Why Has A Compelling Story

The story of the show is such that you crave to know more. The story keeps you on your toes and you. In the first season, the story is very crisp and to the point. Viewers always have an unsettling mind after every episode. They want to know what will be the content of the next video, who all are responsible for the suicide, and so on. The show has an important message to convey relating to suicide and bullying.

Actors Do A Fine Job In 13 Reasons Why

The actors in 13 Reasons Why breathe the characters, and it doesn’t look like acting for even one moment. The actors are young, but they play the characters with so much realism that the audience is left with the question of whether these actors have gone through what their character has in reality. Katherine Langford, who plays the character of Hannah Baker, conquered the hearts of the audience. She won her first Golden Globe award for playing the character of Hannah Baker to perfection.

13 Reasons Why
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13 Reasons Why Doesn’t Shy Away From taking Up Issues

The show was controversial for the issues that it raised. It showed through the story that consent is never an option but a must. The show takes its viewers through an emotional roller coaster and covers issues like bullying, mental health, and homosexuality as the story moves forward. The important issue it raises is that of suicide and accurately show how a person’s mind come with suicidal thoughts.

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