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Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, And Dune- New Trailers out

New trailer out

Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, And Dune- New Trailers out: The new trailers of the show, Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, and Dune have hit the youtube, and anyone waiting for them can watch them now.

It’s hard finding good things to watch, and these trailers might hit into your recommendation list and may turn into your favorite.

Watch them know if they are your type.


Rebbeca is the upcoming film on Netflix that will be starring, Lily James, Armie Hammer, and many more. As a result, anyone looking for a romantic thriller should look the movie up. It will release on 21 October 2020.

The plot of Rebecca

Besides, it is based upon the 1938 novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier and is the remake of the 1941 film with the same name.

The film deals with Mrs. de Winter(Lily James), trying to understand the dark secrets her husband has been hiding from her.

The Truffle Hunter

The Truffle HuntersΒ is a 2020 co-producedΒ documentary filmΒ directed and produced byΒ Michael DweckΒ and Gregory Kershaw.

It deals with the plot of a prized quarry, the Alba truffle, and a group of aged man hunting for the quarry.

The scene from “The Truffle Hunter.”

On 18 September, it will be screening in the Toronto International Festival and will be screening on 5 October at the New YorkΒ  Film Festival. Though, the last scheduled screening is in the United States on 25 December, this year.


The US tv series is one that you can find on Netflix. The film stars Allen Maldonado, Andrew Bachelor, and Jearnest Corchado.

A scene from the Netflix comedy film, Sneakerheads

Jay Longino had produced the series, and anyone who wants to see a good comedy to enjoy there time can look up for this one.

The introduction of Sneakerheads

It is a TV Comedy, and not all about sneakers. As a result, you can’t get enough of Allen Maldonado stars as Devin. The series air on Netflix on 25 September.


All the science fiction fans can hail to the arrival of this film. Besides, Denis Villeneuve directed it.

Poster of “Dune”

Also, Frank Herbert’s iconic novel has been the key source from which the movie has been adopted and is the first movie that will come out from the duo.

Warner Bros are betting on the next franchise, and soon we might see Dune making it big.

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