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Recalling The Relationship Between Iron Man And Scarlet Witch In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is No Easy Task!

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Fans Recall Relationship Between Stark And WandaΒ 

Iron Man And Scarlet Fans are torn over their opinions on this. Why? There are numerous posts online which show how their opinions vary.

Iron Man And Scarlet
Iron Man And Scarlet

Reddit is full of posts. One fan wonders whether the characters hate each other personally and this is why they don’t share scenes often. I mean, it’s because of him that she got her powers, right?

Somebody points out that Iron Man might not have a direct relationship with her but he did create vision. Later in the series, she falls for him and this is how we can see the impacts of their lives on each other.

In the Civil War, we witnessed the tension between them. I don’t think the stars have any internal conflicts going on. I just think that MCU did not pay enough attention to this relationship.

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Iron Man And Scarlett Witch In MCU

Iron Man And Scarlet
Iron Man And Scarlet

Why did she appear only after Iron Man was dead? They did not show up together in The Endgame or Infinity War. Yes, that’s because she got killed. But since she was snapped off, Wanda appears for his funeral.

Iron Man and Scarlett Witch barely share minutes on screen in MCU together. Is this poorly thought out or too cleverly planned?

Wanda’s first meeting with Iron Man was notably not a good one. He had previously locked her up because she was among the bad guys then. This occurrence is in the Captain America Civil War.

In The Avengers, the entire plot is given an introduction partially by Wanda, as she meets him for the very first time. She passed the nightmare into his head.

These are the only significant scenes to be noted, bringing them together in MCU.


Iron Man And Scarlet
Iron Man And Scarlet

We know Tony Stark is dead in the movie but can Downey Jr be back? I think this is possible with Wanda vision. That is the only way of returning.

Right now the update is, Wanda is playing a role in Doctor Strange. Other updates are due on MCU. Let’s hope this pandemic ends so they can come up with more content for us.

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