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Recent US-China Cold War About? US-China complications

US-China Cold War: USA and China are struggling a lot with there relations lately after the ban of China’s app tik tok in the USA. Trumped banned the app over security threats to the country. For a long, China has been strangely quiet, but now they have come up with policies that can trigger America.

US-China Cold War
US-China Cold War

China’s leader Beijing put the entire USA in shock when he updated the export control rules. It seems to be kind of a payback to the USA for what it did to China. Β It is also a signΒ that the Chinese government could exert its authority to delay any deal at the last minute.Β These delays in the deals can really affect America.

The US-China complications.

The American authorities are discussing on how to interpret China’s new rulesΒ of export.Β The new update has triggered the country on a different level, especially at the time of elections. A Chinese official says will the time there is poor trust between the two countries and the fact that how badly Chinese app tik tok has been treated, they will treat USA’s companies the same way that made in china.

He further adds they are very confident about their new updated export policies. And they will now play tik for tat after what happened with there company in America.

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America has not only banned one of the biggest Chinese companies in America but also put various sanctions. Trump put sanctions on Chinese biggest companies like Alibaba, Baidu, byte dance, and many more. China is now ready to do the same as playback to America.

The American officials have criticized China for their actions saying it way way too ‘critical of them.’ And that now America can take future steps against China too. Do you think is a new Cold War starting between USA and China

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