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Reddit Bans Subreddit “The_Donald”, An Action Against Hate Speech

via Reddit Bans Subreddit “The_Donald”, An Action Against Hate Speech- Techno Info Plus

Reddit has decided to ban the online community, also called subreddit, “The_Donald”, “Chapo Trap House” and other 2,000 communities. The decision came after the social networking website updated its content policy to prevent hate speech.

Subreddit “The_Donald” has almost 790,000 users who post supportive content for President Donald Trump. It’s one of the biggest online communities that is devoted to President Trump.

Another community that had to be shut down was the subreddit “Chapo Trap House”. It is a leftist podcasting group and has approximately 160,000 regular users

Reddit and its policy

Reddit Bans Subreddit “The_Donald”, An Action Against Hate Speech- Techno Info Plus

Reddit is a company that strongly advocates free speech, sometimes to an extreme extent. One infamous incident of their “free speech” policy was when they allowed some users to circulate stolen nude photos.

It’s a great step for them to bring about such a huge change in their policy and it’s completely welcome.

The company has been struggling with malicious contents on several forums. It took actions against them by bringing in several anti-harassment policies in 2015.

CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman said, “I have to admit that I’ve struggled with balancing my values as an American, and around free speech and free expression, with my values and the company’s values around common human decency.”

Subreddit “The_Donald”

Reddit Bans Subreddit “The_Donald”, An Action Against Hate Speech- Techno Info Plus

In a post about the policy update, Huffman said that the users of “The_Donald” has violated the policy of the site for years.

The company had been struggling with the contents of this forum for a long time which was particularly difficult to deal with.

The company had tried to deal with the community by putting it behind a warning screen. They also prevented violence-inciting and hateful content of the forum from reaching the front page of Reddit.

Although having no direct contact with President Trump as of now, he had once conducted an “Ask me anything” as Presidential candidate in 2016.

Against hate

It’s not only Reddit that is taking action against hate speech and racism. In fact, during the #blacklivesmatter campaign, many other online platforms have shown their support for the movement.

Twitch, a streaming website had suspended Mr Trump’s account for its hateful content. Twitter also started adding labels to the tweets of Donald Trump for calling him out for glorifying violence.

Youtube also barred six channels on Monday for violating its policies. Although Facebook said it will allow content from all the political leaders on its website, it has since come under a lot of fire.

But amid all this, what’s important is that most of the companies and platforms are coming together to join the movement against hate and racism.

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