Reese Witherspoon Talks About ‘Shame’ In ‘Big Little Lies’


Reese Witherspoon talks about that one major theme which is consistent throughout the show ‘Big Little Lies’. This theme is perhaps what makes this show so relatable and popular among viewers.

It deals with all the complexities that the characters in the show go through without trying to put some decent make-up on their problems.

The show takes us on the journey of the upper-class mothers living a picture-perfect life in a California beach town.

The show has very delicately and honestly shown us the struggles of an abusive relationship and many facets to the personalities of the women in the show.

Reese Witherspoon
Source: Hollywood reporter

Reese Witherspoon talks about the major theme in the show

Actress Reese Witherspoon, who stars in the show, reflected on one major theme in the show- shame. This is what makes the characters who they are, or rather, explains who they are.

Witherspoon discussed Big Little Lies in a round table interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She said that she believed the major theme of the is a shame.

She noted how all the major characters in the show face great due to one reason or another, one facet of their existence or prior experience.

Witherspoon said,

“I think a big theme of the show is a shame, and what we feel shame about, and how do we resolve that? Think about these women who are so connected, and very best friends, and we never tell each other our true shame. “

She talked about how one of the most difficult feelings to express openly is a shame. And, she said, that perhaps it’s a shame of some experience that gives rise to the internal conflict and trauma.

Oprah Winfrey’s response

The round table interview also had another great personality there- Oprah Winfrey. Oprah also chimed in to share her views on the comments that Reese Witherspoon has made.

Oprah, who acted in The Life of Henrietta Lacks, discussed her role in the movie. The discussion was in the context of her role in the movie, her understanding of the show and life in general.

She agreed with Reese Witherspoon, calling shame the root of all the abuse.

She said, “Which [shame] is at the root of all the abuse. Everybody thinks that it’s about the act itself, but it’s about the shame that you carry. And, how that shame then shaped you, which is so wonderful about Big Little Lies is that you get to see how the shame has shaped everyone.”

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