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Relationship Check: Jaden Smith Is Dating Tyler!

Jaden Smith on the Left and Tyler on the Right
Source: The Buzz Paper

Jaden Smith Is Dating TylerCelebrity Relationships:Β ForΒ a few weeks, the entertainment industry is talking about the relationship status between Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator. Both Smith and Tyler are American rappers, with Smith being 21 and the latter being 29.

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith, who is an American actor, as well as a rapper.

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Let us dive into the details of Jaden Smith and Tyler, the creator’s relationship.

Jaden Smith Is Dating Tyler

In January 2018, Jaden Smith announced that he is gay. Jaden Smith’s coming out broke the hearts of many young fangirls. Ever since then, Jaden Smith is proudly experiencing his newfound sexuality.

Jaden Smith with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Source: USA Today

Rumors about Jaden Smith’s relationship with Tyler arose after he put up a tweet stating, “My boyfriend just got a Grammy.” It happened right after Tyler won an award for the best rap song. Tyler has not confirmed anything yet.

Are They In A Relationship Or It Is Smith’s Figment Of Imagination?

Everyone is familiar with Jaden Smith talking weird things at times. He has a built profile of speaking nonsense in public in a way you are not sure if he is serious or trolling the world. When he was 16, he said that he could control time. He even said that he wanted to be “the craziest of all time.”

Smith recently told everyone that he is, in fact, a vampire. If we consider our experience, dating someone is a less ridiculous thing Jaden Smith has said. But, since Smith is sure of his relationship with Tyler, we wonder whether it is true or not!

Tyler’s Reply To Jaden’s Relationship Allegations

During a recent performance in the USA, Jaden Smith told the entire crowd that Tyler is his best friend and his boyfriend. He even declared his love for Tyler and said that Tyler is closeted about his relationship with Jaden.

It seems that Tyler is not ready to come out as Smith’s boyfriend by Smith is already in love with him. Jaden also tweeted that he told everyone about their relationship, and Tyler can not deny it now.

To this, Tyler said that he is a crazy man. Despite not getting confirmation from Tyler, we know that Jaden is in love with Tyler, and it feels real!

Jaden family reaction after know about his sexuality

When he opens about his sexuality his family was a little shocked. In the beginning, they were slightly discouraged, but later they accept his son’s sexuality. Later they were very much supportive regarding their son and showed their interests and started supporting his son’s love.

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