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Relief For Unemployed As 34 States Apply For Added Incentive To Unemployment Benefits !

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Relief For Unemployed: The State Of Unemployment After Coronavirus

Relief For Unemployed: The US economy was a booming economy before the pandemic ruined everything. What was brought back on track by Obama was going fairly in the same direction under Donald Trump? However, no one, including Trump, was prepared for the pandemic, and the ill preparation has led to a recession in the economy. The recession is intense that companies are laying off employees. The unemployment rate has reached its highest in US history. Such millions of people are registering for the unemployment scheme of the US. However, nothing seems to be improving.

Financial Benefit For Unemployed In The First Stimulus Package

The first stimulus package came as a relief to many Americans. Even though it drew some criticisms, every needy American could not reap the benefit. However, people enrolled for unemployment benefits got some extra financial aid. The government declared an added incentive of $600 under unemployment benefits. This helped people to cope up with the situation for a temporary period. However, with no improvement in the coronavirus situation in the US, things just got worse.

Unemployed People Of 34 States Get Another Wave Of Relief

The unemployed can still breathe with some relief as there is another incentive declared for them. The Federal Emergency Management Agency decided to give $300 extra to the people under the unemployment benefits. Now this will give people an extra $300 in their unemployment checks. As many as 34 states have applied for this extra $300 and more states are expected to follow. However, there is no idea regarding when these payments will travel from the government to the bank accounts of the Americans.

Relief For Unemployed
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Unemployed Americans Need To Be Happy With Extra $300 With No Scope For Second Stimulus

A second stimulus remains unlikely before January due to the elections coming near. So the people will have to spend with a conservative mindset and remain content with what they are getting. They can only expect something bigger if a second stimulus passes through Congress.

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