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Reportedly, Donald Trump To Nominate Amy Coney Barrett As Supreme Justice

Reportedly, Donald Trump To Nominate Amy Coney Barrett As Supreme Justice
Source: The Guardian

The News Is Not Confirmed Until The Us President Makes An Official Announcement

Reportedly, Donald Trump To Nominate Amy Coney Barrett As Supreme Justice: According to reports, Donald Trump has decided to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court. She will be replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Unfortunately, Ruth died after battling pancreatic cancer for a long time. He was 87 at the time of death.

On Saturday, a meeting will be held in which the US president announced his third pick for the court.

Many sources have claimed that the decision is final. However, nothing is confirmed until the president makes an official statement. Also, the authorities might change in the last minute.

Trump: “It could be any one of them.”

Though Trump told the media that he has made up his mind, he hasn’t taken a name. Trump said, “It could be any one of them.” He further added that all the five women he is considering are outstanding. When asked about Barrett, he said that he hadn’t taken her name.

Amy Coney Barrett was a law clerk in supreme court justice Antonin Scalia. She now is a part of the US circuit court of appeals in Chicago. Barrett also served as a private lawyer in DC.

Democrats Were Especially Worried About Coney’s Stand On Immigration, LGBTQ Rights And Health Care

She is a strong conservative. Her ideas about immigration, LGBTQ rights and health care have made Democrats anxious. Progressive groups are also worried as they believe that she would further impose restrictions on abortion access.

Another worrisome fact was that Coney belongs to a strict religious community (People Of Praise). Many people feel that her political decisions will be influenced by. But Barrett was aware of this and made clear in her statement that her religious belief or church affiliation won’t come in between her duties as a judge.

If Chosen,Β Barrett Would Be The Youngest Supreme Court Justice

One advantage of being the Supreme court justice is that one can remain in his position lifetime. It is one of the most powerful positions as it can bring a change in American society. So, if the news is accurate, Coney Barrett would be the youngest supreme court justice.

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