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Researchers In Italy Have Claimed That They Have Developed The World’s First Vaccine Against Coronavirus Disease!

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Coronavirus Breakthrough

We all know the impact that the coronavirus causes to the world. Some many scientists and researchers are trying to find a medicine for this deadly disease. However, the countries are taking several measures to control this virus. Research is going on all around the world for a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Italian Researchers Claim To Have Found A Vaccine Against Coronavirus

The coronavirus is the main reason behind the deaths of lakhs of people around the world. People are very much worried as there is no vaccine for it yet. But thankfully, Italy’s research team says that they have found the first vaccine against the coronavirus antibodies.This potential COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in early ...

The researchers from Italy made this announcement on Wednesday. They say that the vaccine can help contain the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Luigi Aurisicchio’s Confirmation

Luigi Aurisicchio is the CEO of Takis, the firm developing the medication. He says that a coronavirus candidate vaccine neutralises the virus in human cells for the first time. He also states that this is the advance stage of testing of a candidate vaccine created in Italy. However, Italy says that human tests have expectations after this summer.

Will The Vaccine Work On Humans?

The tests are first conducted on mice which shows that the vaccine has antibodies that work on human cells too. The vaccine also blocks the virus from infecting people. The team of researchers say that the five vaccine candidates generate a large number of antibodies, and select two with the best results.Coronavirus vaccine test opens with 1st doses | FOX40

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How Is The Vaccine Tested?

There are some candidates on whom the vaccine is currently under development. However, all of them are of the genetic material of DNA protein “spike”. “Spike” is the molecular tip used by the coronavirus to enter human cells.

These people are injected with the so-called “electroporation” technique. It consists of an intramuscular injection followed by a brief electrical impulse. This helps the vaccine break into the cells and activate the immune system.Testing begins on COVID-19 vaccine

So, with the news of the vaccine for the virus, the people sighed. But we can’t say if it works for sure. However, if it passes the tests, it comes out in no time.

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