Resident Evil 3, The Remake, Release Date And Everything You Want To Know

Resident Evil 3, The Remake, Release Date And Everything You Want To Know


Resident Evil 3, first released in 1999, follows the story of Jill Valentine making her way through a zombie-infested city. The series set for survival horror games; the player plays the role of Jill and Carlo to experience the digital nightmare of Resident Evil 3

The story of Resident Evil, the dark-coloured epic that has elevatedΒ Shinji Mikami to the rank of the undisputed masterΒ 


The Resident Evil 3 release date is on April 3 on Play Station 4, Xbox and PC. Capcom, a Japanese video game developer and publisher have given the much-loved Resident Evil game the fantastic remake – Resident Evil 3


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The series has been around for years, and it certainly evolved from its origins as a survival horror title. The plot is from the original chapters of the saga of Resident Evil which generated “expanded universe” full of background and events without interruption.

With the enhanced graphics and gameplay, this entry of Resident Evil will not only be introduced to a whole new generation of gamers but also strike a nostalgic chord with lifelong fans of the series

From the origins of evil represented byΒ Progenitor virusΒ all ‘zombie apocalypse of Raccoon City, passing through the ice of AntarcticaΒ and Β Spanish villagesΒ of the different chapters that marked the rhythm of the story of Resident Evil


The game director, Kazunori Kadoi, commented on the fan reaction during the E3 announcement.

Β “The whole development team got together in our office to watch the E 3 announcement in real-time. We didn’t think that a game which is “just” a remake would garner such a massive reaction, so we were surprised and delighted to see the response.

Not only that but once reactions to the gameplay on the E 3 booth started to hit, we saw that people loved it, and we even got some show awards! It was both the highest praise for me as a director, and also somehow a kind of additional pressure for the remaining months of the project.”



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