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Review Of Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny is about disagreement. It not only feeds into your crosshairs with the endless conveyor belt of monsters, but also political and philosophical conflict. Its lore is full of groups bickering for the best way out of the current post-apocalyptic state of civilization. If this comes as a surprise. It’s because developer Bungie has ignored these disputes. In order to put on the conveyor belt another unambiguously evil ‘baddie of the week.’

Beyond Light, the first to seriously provoke such deeper conflicts is the new baddie. The outcome is the best story to date in Destiny, surpassing Forsaken’s darkly private quest for vengeance.

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The problem at hand is the reappearance of the Darkness, which is the Traveler’s everlasting enemy. If you don’t know your lore of Destiny, that’s the big white ball that gives you (a Guardian) your space magic. It raised mankind to a prosperous interplanetary civilization. Before it was destroyed by the first attack of the Darkness. The Darkness, however, appears to come in peace on this occasion. It offers magic of its own in the form of Stasis. The first new type of harm in the six-year history of Destiny.

Beyond Light Represents Something For Destiny 2

The overall state of Destiny 2, and how the experience of a player has changed.

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Beyond Light represents something of a new starting point for Destiny 2. It seems clear that it will inevitably be used as the focal point on which the next few years of content are developed for both story and gameplay. The size and scope of the available game content has been significantly reduced by “vaulting”. A significant percentage of previous destinations and activities. Even when accounting for the one big new area we get to explore.

Likewise, by capping their power levels, the sunset of much of the current weapons and armor means that a lot of the equipment collected in previous years is now almost obsolete. Beyond Light acts as a harbinger of a new era for the game alongside some dramatic turns in storytelling. The new sub-classes that change the flow of play.

The Campaigns Are Easy And Fast

Beyond Light eventually finds our Guardians facing off. The wielding the powers of Darkness after years of teasing, fending off a Fallen Army on the frozen Jovian moon of Europa. As a gorgeous new locale of ice, snow, and lost Golden Age technology, Bungie has crafted Europa. Rambling open-air expanses are blasted with vision-obscuring snowstorms. A sense of vastness and lonely splendor is conveyed by many of the cold underground caverns and cities. The secrets and blocked paths on Europa gradually open up, leading to a sense of a destination’s unfolding flower that becomes more interesting the longer you examine it.

But Destiny’s campaigns have always been easy and quick. Bungie is happy for them to remain so on the evidence of Beyond Light. Instead its writing and aesthetics propel the story. In an already very beautiful game, Europa is one of the prettiest planets and a wonderful eye for framing shows. It at its best throughout the campaign. One of the black pyramids of Darkness looms over a faraway mesa.

Beyond Light provides two new strikes, aside from the campaign and post-campaign quests. But unfortunately they are pretty underwhelming. One, but with a revamped and much-improved boss space, is a rehash of the most annoying strike ever to exist in Destiny 1. The other the Glassway, has a special and very cool segment in which you drain Vex fluid in real time from a pool. It shows in its depths the route forward. Otherwise without new or interesting mechanics, it’s linear and very straightforward.


Stasis is the last thing to discuss. A new feature a new subclass, a new way of interacting in Destiny with every action, enemy, and location. As good as the campaign and gear are, what will really keep players coming back for a while is Stasis.

But if the Hunter and the Titan are just as fun and crazy awesome as the Warlock subclass .Anywhere then people can essentially use them from now on until . A new strategy for how, where, and where to attack enemies is brought on by the ability to freeze, slow, and shatter. Having new supers, melee assaults, and more is so refreshing. Yet customization is the most important thing. It feels so sweet, and with the Stasis subclass, Bungie has done a good job of enabling player independence, but not all at once.

Beyond Light is clearly meant to lay the groundwork for the next stage of the development and player experience of Destiny. It is certainly exciting to contemplate the appeal of new frontiers. Between the loss of so many aspects that made the game special. However, and some story and gameplay choices for the new content that didn’t hit the mark entirely. A mixed opinion, which is not a great way to feel this early in the annual cycle, on the current state of the game.

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