RHONY Reunites. First Interview of Tinsley and Dorinda After Their Friendship Breakup. See everything they spoke about their friendship breakup.
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RHONY Reunites. First Interview Of Tinsley & Dorinda After Their Friendship Breakup!

RHONY Reunites. First Interview Of Tinsley & Dorinda After Their Friendship Breakup!: Famous Netflix series ‘Real Housewives‘ had their reunion on Thursday, this week. The two favourite stars Tinsley Mortimer and Dorinda Medley, killed it in black outfits.

From Friends To Enemies.

According to the reports, the interview was to gather and talk about the most dramatic moments of the show. It also including Tinsley’s sudden departure from the front. Host Andy Cohen conducted it.

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One controversy that went off was Scott made Tinsley choose between the show and himself. I’m the show when Andy asked this question, she said I got engaged to this guy for years, and the show was an issue for Scott, and she had to choose his fiancΓ© over the show. Tinsley said she didn’t have a choice.

Things Get Heated Up.

The news of their reunion made fans go wild, and fans were very excited to see the two getting reunited. Until Andy asked if they asked over text ever since to which Tinsley responded ‘No, of course not’. This answer broke many peoples heart.

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Dorinda got asked a very insensitive question during the interview. She got asked if she is facing to get pregnant. The 43, year-old actress bluntly replied, she doesn’t mind having kids, but she is often made fun for her condition.


The question for which the world was waiting was asked ‘What problem did you have with Tinsley’ to which Dorinda responds saying she has broken up recently with Scott after which Tinsley got engaged with him. The two were friends at a point but are not anymore.

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