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Richard Herd, Best Known For His Role On Seinfeld, Has died. He Was 87 !

Richard Herd
Richard Herd

Richard Herd

Richard HerdΒ was an American actor who worked in Hollywood. He was born on September 26, 1932. Richard was active in the film industry for a period of forty-nine years starting his career in 1970. He has primarily acted as a guest actor in many television shows and series. It came as a shock to many when he died of cancer in Los Angeles at his house. He died at the age of 87.

Richard Herd In Seinfeld

The herd is famous for his role in Seinfeld. Seinfeld is an iconic and legendary sitcom, which in NBC ran for more than nine years, receiving a lot of love from the audience. It is often referred to as the best sitcom of all time. Richard played the character of Mr. Wilhelm, who was the boss of George Costanza, one of the lead characters of Seinfeld. The character appeared eleven times. It was an extended cameo.

Other Works of Richard Herd

Richard is well known in the science fiction community for playing the character of John, the Visitor’s Supreme Commander in the NBC miniseries β€˜V’ and its prequel β€˜V- The Final Battle.’ He has featured in the iconic Star Trek: Voyager, where he played the role of Admiral Owen Paris, father of helmsman Tom Paris.

Awards For Richard Herd

Richard Herd Awards
Richard Herd Awards

Richard has contributed a lot towards Old Time Radio. His work was recognized, and he was inducted into the National Broadcaster Hall of Fame. He has also worked hard for the workers and background performers of films and T.V shows. He was the third national Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild. Screen Actors Guild is a body that represents over a hundred thousand background performers working in television and films.

Richard Herd Family

Richard has married three times in his life. He was first married to Amilda Cuddy, followed by Dolores Wozaldo. Both marriages ended up in divorce. He then had a third marriage to a very young Patricia Crowder. She was forty years old when Richard passed away. His three kids- Erica, his daughter, Rick, his son, and Alicia, his stepdaughter, survive him.

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