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Rick And Morty Season 4: Return Date, Fan Theories – Everything You Need To Know

Rick And Morty Season 4
Rick And Morty Season 4

Fans are currently experiencing a longer delay in Rick and Morty Episodes. Adult Swim said this delay is due to coronavirus pandemic. As we all know the whole world is facing lockdown. So the production of this show is also on halt. This famous series last episode was aired in last December. Since then devoted viewers of Adult Swim cartoon potentially waiting for upcoming episodes. Here is everything you need to know Rick And Morty Season 4: Return Date, Fan Theories and more.

Rick And Morty Season 4: Plot

After 20 years Rick suddenly comes at his daughter Betty Beth’s to live with his family. Betty was happy but his husband Jerry is not happy with the reunion. Rick is a brilliant scientist. He made his garage as his laboratory.

In his laboratory, Rick works on different science fiction devices. Some devices considered dangerous. That’s why Jerry is concerned about his children Morty. Rick continues his adventures with Morty to explore the universe.

Rick And Morty Season 4 Return Date: New Episodes β€” Watch Trailer ...

Rick And Morty Season 4: Release Date

Since last December people are waiting for the upcoming episode. Season 4 includes 10 episodes in which 5 episodes are aired. For the remaining 5 episodes, there is no official update yet. There is a 2 years gap between Season 3 and 4. So may it is a part of Adult swim promotional strategy. Hence theories claim It may air in the upcoming June. As some clue, Adult Swim released a Mini episode or real episode 6 on YouTube.

Β Fans Expectations

In Season 4 we see Rick And Morty in a time travel. Both went beyond our expectations with some twist and surprises. In Last aired episode β€˜Rattlester Ricklactica’ Rick and Morty reaches somewhere in Twilight Zone. There were a lot of space snacks and several more twists and turns.

There were some theories also like in upcoming episode may Rick start believing in God. Some more like there are funny battles between past Rick and future Rick. Subsequently, they all are only theories. So just wait for upcoming updates.


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