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Rick And Morty: UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection-‘Rick And Morty’!

Wrangler November collection
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UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection!!!!!! This collection has launched today sponsoring ‘Rick and Morty’ for an upcoming event.

A famous worldwide brand-‘Wrangler’:

Wrangler is an American manufacturing brand of clothing mainly jeans and workwear clothing. This brand is very famous, it is one of the oldest brands ever. It is a worldwide brand. Founded in 1904 and it has been almost 116 years since its opening. Back then, it was founded by C.C. Hudson. This brand has a very long history.

‘Rick and Morty’ series again in headlines: UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection

Rick and Morty
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Rick and Morty is a very famous adult animated show. This is one of the most popular shows. It is based on Rick, the scientist, and his Morty, 14-year old grandson, adventurous life. Its fourth season is streaming on Netflix which has been called one of the most mysterious seasons of ‘Rick and Morty’ series. Mainly because of episode 8.

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Episode 8: Plane crash… UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection

In episode 8, there is a plane crash scene. It has been claimed that the episode is influenced by a real-life tragedy.Β  And generally, this series always involves some dark jokes behind almost the scenes.

For a long time, ‘Rick and Morty’ season 4 has been in the headlines. And now, another big announcement related to ‘Ricky and Morty’ cartoon series is,

“Wrangler, the famous brand has partnered with the sci-fi animated series ‘Rick and Morty’ for an upcoming festival.”

UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection-‘Rick and Morty’…

Wrangler has always been very selective towards partnerships. But for the collection of an event of the Adult Swim Festival which is going to be held on November 13th and 14th, sponsored ‘Rick and Morty’. This is an UNEXPECTED: Wrangler’s November Collection.

This collection was inspired by the last episode of ‘RICK and Morty’ season 4. In that episode, Rick has invented such a device by which he can disappear a whole planet. That device is a gigantic laser device, generally named ‘NX5 Planet Remover’. These series do have a huge fan following, for Wrangler, it becomes easier to deliver their style and ideas to fans.

The collection named ‘Rick and Morty’ includes two things, i.e. T-shirt and Denim jacket. On both of the pieces, there is a huge print of the space area where Rick and Morty went to disappear a planet and various creative illustrations of the laser device on the center of the fabric. The pieces were designed by Rick and Morty’s team in such a creative manner.

Holly Wheeler said:

UNEXPECTED: Wrangle's November Collection
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Holly Wheeler, who is the vice president of Wrangler (a global marketing brand) states in one of the interviews that,

β€œWrangler has always embraced pop culture as a way to reach new fans, and when we were organically mentioned in the season four finale, it was the perfect opportunity for us to explore a larger partnership with Adult Swim”.

The ‘Rick and Morty’ collection is now available on the Wrangler website. So, if anyone wants to buy it, can easily order by visiting the Wrangler shopping site. This contract itself a huge accomplishment for the ‘Rick and Mort’ series franchise. The collection launched by today only. Wrangler’s priority has always been its fans. It comes up with new ideas and collections to rule the customer’s hearts. And once again, Wrangler nailed it by coming up with an unexpected collection.

But still, at that point, one can not tell whether this collection will be beneficial for both Wrangler and ‘rick and Morty’ or not. So, for more updates, stay tuned!

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