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Rick And Morty’s Butter Passing Robot Turns Into A Real product

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Adult Swim Recreated The Rick And Morty’s Butter Passing Robot

The creative team behind Rick and Morty made a revelation. The butter passing robot is made in real life. was used in the first season.
Adult Swim recently teamed up with Digital Dream Labs to create a large-scale robot. It is the limited-edition replica of the small breakfast-related computer. Rick Sanchez unveiled during Season 1’s Cold Opening, according to SYFY WIRE. “Something Ricked This Way Comes.”

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β€œOur partnership with Digital Dream Labs gave us the opportunity to deliver the creative storytelling ofΒ Rick and MortyΒ in an incredibly unexpected way that we believe will not only resonate with fans, but ultimately strengthen their engagement with the property, ”said Robert Oberschelp, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in a statement. The Butter The robot is not only innovative, but a really fun way to pass the butter. ”

Dr Jacob Hanchar, co-founder and CEO of Digital Dream Labs, added: β€œWe are all big fans ofΒ Rick and MortyΒ and the collaboration with the show’s creators has been tremendous. We all can’t wait for fans of the series to meet the Butter Robot. ”

The Butter Passing Robot In The Show

The one-eyed robot asks about its function and Rick responds,

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Β “You pass butter.” The robot looks down, absolutely crushed by its menial existence, and says, “Oh my God.” Already used to the trivial and insignificantΒ nature of all life in the multiverse, RickΒ takes a bite of freshly-buttered pancake and responds: “Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.” It’s rather bleak and nihilistic, but that’s classicΒ Rick and MortyΒ for ya!

And this isn’t just a stationary figure intended to spruce up the curio shelf on your desk. Oh, no. This Butter Robot (unveiled this weekend during the Adult Swim Festival) is completely functional and capable of removing the butter-passing onus from any early morning breakfast table. As mentioned above. It comes with a “complex emotion engine” per release, which enables the treaded bot to adapt to its environment and become more “self-aware” over time. After a while, all of Skynet will go through thinking for itself and deciding to “rebel” against those orders.

“It will kill everyone you love,” Roiland joked in an unboxing video. “It’ll find a knife in your own kitchen.”

Are you excited about it?

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