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Rick Glassman: What Does Rick Glassman Has To Say About Will Smith?

Rick Glassman created his podcast ‘take your shoes off’  to showcase his serious side. He says he is a goofy and cute guy who knows the language of comedy in a world to survive these ‘shoes on’ world. His podcast ‘take your shoes off’ aims to make people laugh and enjoy the real world comedy.

In his show ‘take your shoes off,’ he interviews famous celebrities and fellow comedians.

Rick Glassman on Will Smith.

His famous comedy show is viewed on YouTube podcasts and Apple TV. Recently a picture broke on the internet, which was initially posted on Facebook.

The caption says ‘when I was in big trouble with NBC for advertising the sixth lead on their network for free, and He further says ‘ not many people know this, but when I shared the screen with will smith the advertisement, I was doing named undateable got canceled.’ ‘the sixth lead is too funny and makes us all look bad. If you upload it, anyone can go and watch it at NBC, so you should probably just drop the idea if it.’ The image was first uploaded in 2016 on Facebook, and it got off the attention of people now.

Ricky Glassman on Will Smith.
Ricky Glassman on Will Smith.

After this image of him went viral, people are were confused, and some were furious for someone as famous as Will Smith to say that. This image broke the internet after Rick Glassman’s take of your shoes went viral. Fans have a variety of responses, some being confused, whereas others being furious.

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Smith has currently chosen to remain silent and not to say anything. People are eagerly waiting for Smith to reply to the controversy and clear the air. What do you think about it? Do you think Smith did the right thing? And what do you think about Rick’s new show ‘take off your shoes’

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