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Rick Moranis Gets Punched, Chris Evans Shows His Support And Concern Towards Him

Rick Moranis Gets Punched, Chris Evans Shows His Support And Concern Towards Him: In this everyday life, everyone gets inspired by someone at some point in their life. Eventually becomes their fan. Being a huge fan of Rick Moranis, Chris Evans was hell shocked after knowing that he was attacked. It seems that this year is in for many surprises and shocking events. But this one is more than a shock for his fans.


Chris Evans and Rick Moranis
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What Happened To Him?

Rick was sucker-punched while walking in the streets of New York. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to treat the pain on his, head, neck, and back. He doesn’t have any many injuries, and he is quite acceptable now. But this incident has raised concern from a lot of people and celebrities including Chris Evans.

Chris Evans Message

Chris Evans has always stayed close to his fans and has ever raised his voice against injustice. This time also he has shown concern for Rick as a fan. He posted on Twitter “My blood is boiling. Find This Man. You don’t touch Rick Moranis”. It seems like a warning to the attacker. Though we are not aware of who the person is. But we should find it soon. Hopefully, Rick has also filed a complaint

The NYPD shared footage of the actual attack on twitter and asked people to help find the man in the black hoodie. But after some time the local authorities have obtained the photo of the attacker.

It Was Ryan Reynolds Before Chris Evans

Ryan Reynolds was the first to comment on the incident and also wished him to get well soon, before Chris Evans. He has recently convinced him to appear with him in a Mint Mobile commercial. So he found it necessary to apologize to expose him in 2020

We would always remember Rick Moranis for his fantastic roles in movies such as Ghostbusters’ Louis Tully and Coach Danny O’Shea inΒ Little Giants. We hope to see him in his upcoming movies.

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