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Rick’s Butter Robot Replica: A Functional Robot Is Officially Launching

Rick's Butter Robot Replica
Source: www.youtube.com

Rick’s Butter Robot Replica is trending worldwide. The robot is officially launching now. To know more, read below…

Rick’s Butter Robot Replica

These days, ‘Rick and Morty‘ has been famous due to many reasons. Such as, having collaboration with very ancient and renowned brand ‘Wrangler’, the shocking real-life tragedies in the previous season, about the ending of the show, and the most famous Butter Robot replica.

The idea behind creating this robot was not planned. It was just a sudden thought that came out of boredom and a depressed state in Rick’s mind. The robot was first seen in the first season episode titled, ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes’.

Rick’s Butter Robot Replica – Launch

As you guys know Rick is a freak, he’s insane and can do possibly anything. He made the robot to pass the butter and nothing else. The robot works on instructions, basically when you command the robot by the phrase ‘Pass the Butter’. Then only the robot will do.

Rick's Butter Robot Replica
Source: nerdist.com

It will automatically identify the voice, that from where the agent is coming. And accordingly, it will serve the butter in the same direction. The robot passes the butter across the table and proves to be a thoughtful idea.

‘The Butter Robot’: Official launch

And afterwards, the most significant announcement was revealed in the global festival in 2020 that ‘The Butter Robot’ is officially going to launch. Considering the thoughtful idea of Rick, the makers thought of throwing it in actual. But here comes another surprise guys, the robot has a ‘complex emotional engine’ that might rebel against your commands after giving it a thought.

So, this robot is not meant to be kept on a table as a cute little showpiece; it is entirely functional. It is beneficial for older adults who usually live on their own. And the workaholic moms generally get late for their office due to their kitchen work. There might be many more uses of the robot.

Features of the robot

  • It has a selective control mode.
  • Works only after listening to the phrase ‘Pass the Butter’.
  • It has direct control; you don’t have to place it everywhere and works accordingly.
  • You can block its coding to relay the commands.
  • It can move its face, head, arms, and torso just like humans.
  • It has a Voice program; you don’t have to text or do coding again and again.

The views about the robot

Moving on, Robert Oberschelp, the Senior Vice President of Global Brand Product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products also stated that,

“Our partnership with Digital Dream Labs allowed us to deliver the creative storytelling of Rick and Morty in an incredibly unexpected way that we believe will not only resonate with fans but ultimately deepen their engagement with the property.”

“The Butter Robot is not only innovative but an enjoyable way to pass the butter.”

Rick's Butter Robot Replica
Source: laughingsquid.com

Digital Dream Labs say

Adding on, Dr Jacob Hanchar, the co-founder and CEO of Digital Dream Labs too stated that:

“The partnership with Adult Swim has been one of the coolest we’ve ever done at Digital Dream Labs.

We’re all huge fans of Rick and Morty and collaborating with the show creators has been great. We’re all very eager for fans of the show to meet the Butter Robot.”

You can also pre-order the robot on the official site of ‘Rick and Morty’. The limited edition of the Butter Robot replica costs at $147, as announced by the makers.

For more updates, stay tuned!

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