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Riot Games Will Contribute $1 Million To Hold Up Racial Equality!

Riot Games

Riot Games planned to commit USD 1 million to help the fight against social injustice and racism. They started with donations to The Innocence Project and The American Civil Liberties Union. Riot Games, founded in 2006, is best for developing the game League of Legends. Earlier this year it launched the latest title, Volant.


The Announcement

Dylan Jadeja is the president of the famous video game development company based on LA. He announced it with a letter to the employees addressing the death of George Floyd and the protest. He wrote, “Systemic racism is not a new issue… but we must acknowledge that complacency contributed to slower progress than is needed to drive lasting change.”

“Like many other companies with the ability and responsibility to accelerate progress.. and to make it a reality, we have a part to play, and it is on us to do more.” “We took time this whole week to look be thoughtful and Riot can truly help combat racism and injustice.”

Riot Games

“After all, true change starts at home. We have had a long-standing commitment to combatting this within our games. But we realized that is not enough. Our efforts will focus on areas that we believe require attention…and in which we can have an impact including justice reform, investing in minority-owned business..creating opportunities for minorities in our industry, continued education..and addressing bias and discrimination in the workforce.”

The company also said it will match up to $1000 per employee for donations to many organizations. The Innocence Project and ACLU organizations have vocal to the police violence against Floyd’s death from the start.

The Other Companies Supporting The Cause

Not only Riot games but other companies like Microsoft, Google donating to various organizations against racism. Electronic Arts also announced a donation of $1 million to the social cause for minorities. The donations will be to “organizations dedicated to fighting for the racial injustice in the US…also against the discrimination around the world”. As well as Humble funding USD 1 million to help black developers to publish games.

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