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Ronnie O’Sullivan Is Not Fit To Be A Dad Says His Daughter!

Ronnie O'Sullivan with daughter
via Daily Star

Ronnie O’Sullivan Is Not Fit To Be A Dad Says His Daughter!:Β Ronnie O’Sullivan celebrated being a granddad at the age of 42. He even spoke about how he’s excited to meet his granddaughter.

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However, his daughter Taylor-Ann Magnus revealed that she doesn’t want her father, Ronnie to meet her daughter as he was neither a fit to be a dad, not a fit to be a granddad. That is to say, let us get into the details of why Taylor doesn’t want her daughter to be in touch with her.

Bad Dad

The legendary snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan, despite being the best in his field, couldn’t be a better dad. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Taylor, who just became a mom, spilt the beans on her estranged relationship with her father.

Ronnie O'Sullivan with daughter
via Daily Mail

Taylor claims that Ronnie has always spoken to her via a friend and not directly. Taylor addressed Ronnie and said:

“He might be world champion to some but, he’s not fit to be called Dad, let alone Granddad as far as I’m concerned. Zarah-Ann will grow up never knowing who he is. He’s made so many promises, but what he says and what he does are so different.”

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In the previous 23 years of Taylor’s life, she’s just met Ronnie 12 times. Moreover, on rare occasions, Ronnie found time to accuse Tayor of treating him as a cash machine.

As Ronnie goes for a snooker match, Taylor drops a bomb at her ‘supposed’ father. She said:

“Having a really s–t parent like you has shown me what is important in life. I have learnt from your mistakes, and now I know what matters. I am grateful for that- it’s the only valuable thing you’ve ever given to me.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan in the frame
via DiaHUB

Taylor even revealed how her hopes were crushed when Ronnie didn’t portray any parenting role. Moreover, now that she’s a parent herself, Ronnie wants to reconcile under his granddaughter’s name.

Taylor gave birth to Zarah-Ann in 2018. Back then, Ronnie expressed his love for his granddaughter and hoped to have normal family time with Taylor. However, despite talking about reconciliation, Ronnie’s friend called up Taylor and told her that Ronnie is excited.

This broke Taylor’s heart, and now she’s turned her back on the dad she never had.

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When Ronnie Met Sally

Ronnie and Sally-Ann had a year-long relationship back in the 90s. Sally moved into Ronnie’s apartment when both his parents were jailed for murder and tax-evasion.

But, when Ronnie’s Italian mom was released from jail, she kicked out Sally, and their relationship ended then and there. After Taylor was born, she lived with her mom, but her dad never gave any attention to her other than sending money.

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