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Rosa Acosta posed to the camera and asked her followers What they glanced? first in the snap

Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta with her back pose post

Rosa Acosta recently posted her photo with the back pose on Instagram and asked for the followers what they notice in her recent post? Is it her ponytail or her sneakers or the ball? Instagram model Rosa Acosta 1.6 million followers, no doubt, replied instantly.

Within an hour, a photo is filled with 23000 likes with a lot of comments by her loving fanbase.

Everyone is expressing themselves differently, some with the emojis and some with the words. Ballet dancer Rosas fan mostly commented with the heart or heart eye emoji.

Rosa Acosta’s post on Instagram with the caption creates so much excitement among her followers that her supporters were quick to respond.

Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta appearance on the photo

She is a fitness model noticed in the post wearing a gorgeous white t-shirt, which she matched with a pair of pale pink leggings that showed a textured waffle weave pattern. With all such, she is also wearing pink and white sneakers.

The fitness model shows her back to the camera, and her hair was silky smooth back into a ponytail. It seems as she is standing with one foot on an exercise ball and smile on a camera. One hand behind her ears and the other one rested on her thigh.

With all such pose, Rosa is looking glamorous and adorable with her curly hair.

All about Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta was born on 30th April 1984 as Taurus. She is born and raised in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Rosa, a ballet dancer, started her career in ballet dancer at the age of 4 yrs old at Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. In 2019 Rosa made her footprint in the video ‘Straight from the Horses Mouth’.In 2018 upcoming chapter 4 ‘Facade’ she will be playing the role of Roxanne.

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